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Case Study

Elevating brand identity with a vintage flare

Design Options


During the development of the new Grand Pines golf course, Bentwater took on the challenge of establishing the brand and identity for their new club. Despite months of effort and multiple attempts by various agencies to create a logo that captured the essence of this classic, all-green course, the final choice featured a standard typeface and simplistic tree shapes. However, the management team never fully embraced this design.


To redefine and enhance the brand identity of Grand Pines Golf Club with a fresh logo design. The goal is to capture the enduring grace and scenic charm of the golf course, while also reflecting its “classic play” style characterized by natural tree-lined fairways devoid of any structures. Furthermore, the design should resonate with the club’s core audience of golf elite who want to be part of a limited and exclusive membership.


Tanya Jacobson, at the time working as Art Director with Steward Marketing, presented various logo options, one of which perfectly resonated with the management team. Upon seeing the chosen design, they enthusiastically declared, “That’s it!” Featuring a signature-style type treatment and a custom illustration of a vintage golfer, the logo encapsulated the authentic essence of Grand Pines Golf Club. Alongside the logo, Tanya devised an impactful awareness campaign to launch the club’s exclusive membership program, which garnered significant attention and swiftly sold out the limited memberships. Furthermore, the newly crafted logo received acclaim, earning an esteemed ADDY Award for logo design.

Grand Pine Brand Guidelines

Supporting Materials:

Grand Pines Membership Brochure