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Sapphire Group Brochure

In her role as Senior Art Director at Steward Marketing, Tanya spearheaded the creation of an exclusive brochure for the Sapphire Group, a prestigious financial membership based in Houston, TX. Drawing upon her extensive expertise in luxury branding and visual storytelling, Tanya meticulously crafted a brochure that exuded sophistication and exclusivity. Through sleek design elements, refined typography, and captivating imagery, Tanya’s creation elegantly communicated the unparalleled benefits and privileges offered by the Sapphire Group. From personalized wealth management services to exclusive networking opportunities, every detail was thoughtfully curated to appeal to discerning individuals seeking the utmost in financial sophistication. With her unparalleled attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, Tanya’s brochure not only informed but also elevated the perception of the Sapphire Group as the epitome of elite financial services in Houston and beyond.

The Sapphire Group brochure