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Podiatry Associates Ads

Creative showcased their ingenuity in developing a series of four ads for Podiatry Associates of Houston, each addressing a common cause of heel pain with striking visual metaphors. The ads featured various types of shoes that are notorious for causing discomfort, meticulously photoshopped to depict the specific sensations experienced by sufferers, from a burning sensation to the striking pain of a cactus to the discomfort akin to stepping on thumbtacks. This creative approach not only captured attention but also effectively communicated the urgency of seeking professional help for heel pain. Recognized for their innovation and impact, these ads earned Elle Creative a prestigious Silver ADDY award in 2009, underscoring her talent for creating compelling and award-winning marketing campaigns.

Podiatry Associates Ads
Podiatry Associates Ad 1
Podiatry Associates Ad 2
Podiatry Associates Ad 3
Podiatry Associates Ad 4