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Bentwater Destination Ads

In her role as Senior Art Director at Steward Marketing, Tanya designed a captivating advertising series for Bentwater Country Club in Lake Conroe, TX. Themed “Not Just A Destination, It’s a Way of Life,” each ad transported viewers to a world of leisure and luxury. Tanya’s meticulous attention to detail was evident in the design, with travel postcards overlaying striking hero shots, all captured during a meticulously planned photoshoot. Each postcard featured a lifestyle image that harmonized with the accompanying hero image, creating a seamless narrative of the Bentwater experience. Published in the Residential Real Estate section of the Houston Chronicle, these ads showcased Tanya’s ability to craft compelling visuals that resonated with audiences and elevated the development’s brand presence.

Bentwater Destination Ads
Bentwater Destination Ad 1
Bentwater Destination Ad 2
Bentwater Destination Ad 3