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US Oncology – Invitation

Step into the world of sophistication and innovation. While Tanya was the Creative Director at Newton Design, she orchestrated a very unique invitation for a US Oncology’s Prostate Cancer Awareness event that was going to be held at a Lamborghini dealership. With a desire to make this invitation something special and high class, Tanya crafted an exquisite invitation for titled “The Men’s Issue.”. Infusing the essence of a luxury Men’s Magazine, every detail of the invitation radiated opulence and elegance. Encased within a unique metal tin, adorned with a matching wrap-around label, each invitation was held together with a metal flat screw with several different types of paper each with details of the event. The front of the invitation was designed like a GQ cover.  The overall invitation was a masterpiece in itself, a testament to Tanya’s ingenuity and flair. Garnering several awards in the creative and printing industry.

US Oncology Invitation