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Marriott – Aqua Lounge Ads

In her role as Senior Art Director, Tanya crafted a series of captivating ads for The Woodlands Marriott Hotel’s new martini lounge, Aqua Lounge. Tasked with showcasing the lounge’s unique ambiance, Tanya ingeniously incorporated a martini and wine theme, perfectly complemented by accents of aqua tile mirroring the restaurant’s decor. Designed for tabletop display stands throughout the hotel, these ads not only enticed guests with the promise of indulgent cocktails but also evoked the sophisticated atmosphere of Aqua Lounge. Tanya’s meticulous attention to detail ensured that each ad captured the essence of the venue, inviting patrons to savor moments of elegance and relaxation in this stylish new destination.

Marriott - Aqua Lounge Ads
Marriott Martini Ad
Marriott Wine Ad